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Welcome to Ezigold.com.au – The mobile and secure gold buyers in Melbourne with a difference! The Ezigold team is Melbourne’s only gold and silver buyer that comes to you and offers a flexible delivery and pick up service that operates 10 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to scrap gold and silver buying, Ezigold specialise in trading Gold and Silver bullion. With the current global financial uncertainty, now is a great time to invest in precious metals.  Call us now to discuss all your bullion buying needs 0498 555 660

When you’re looking for great prices from expert gold and silver dealers in Melbourne, take the stress out of leaving your home and contact our team today. Ezigold will come to you for buying or selling 7 days a week by appointment from 8am to 6pm.

Gold Type Buy Price per gram (AUD$) Loan Price per gram (AUD$)
9K $24.92 $19.38
10K $27.64 $21.50
12K $33.23 $25.84
14K $38.87 $30.24
15K $41.53 $32.30
17K $47.18 $36.70
18K $49.84 $38.76
20K $55.15 $42.90
21K $58.15 $45.22
22K $60.87 $47.34
23K $63.79 $49.62
24K $66.45 $51.68
Gold Bullion 97% of Spot Price
Prices updated on 2021-04-19 at 16:57:38
Silver Type Buy Price per gram (AUD$)
32.5% $0.27
50% $0.41
90% $0.73
92.5% $0.75
999+ $0.82
Silver Bullion 97% of Spot Price
Prices updated on 2021-04-19 at 06:57:38

We, Buy / Sell or Loan On:

  1. Gold, Silver or Platinum Jewellery (In any Condition)
  2. Gold, Silver or Platinum Bullion
  3. Gold Nuggets and Alluvial Gold
  4. Gold, Silver Coins and Collectables
  5. Quality Watches such as Rolex, Omega etc
  6. Antique Jewellery

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Buying bullion, coins, ingots and selling gold. You can do it all with the unique mobile service offered by Ezigold! As the premier mobile gold dealers in Melbourne, we can help you with gold, silver, jewellery, precious metals and much more. Find out the value of your items in a location that’s convenient for you at a time that you choose!

To get a free, indicative quote for the value of your items, simply text us a photo to 0498 555 660.

Our custom-fitted fleet is equipped with the latest security and advanced XRF gold analysis and testing equipment. This allows us to provide an on-the-go service that is just as accurate as a brick-and-mortar gold dealer. Melbourne locals who prefer an in-store service can also come and visit our store in Hampton East.

Whether it’s buying, selling, or loaning, give us a call now to arrange an appointment. See firsthand why the Ezigold way is the most convenient and easiest option for trading precious metals in Melbourne.

Please note – the minimum transaction amount for our free mobile service is $500.